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We can provide solutions for laptop repair concerns in Mooresville without the need for you to bring your computer into the shop.

Laptop Repair in Mooresville, North Carolina
Your laptop is designed to provide mobile capabilities when you travel for work, enjoy watching TV and surfing the web at the same time, and adding convenience to your life when you prefer to stay connected. So, when your laptop requires repair, you may be wondering how you can function while you leave your computer at a repair shop. Luckily, at, we can provide solutions for laptop repair concerns without the need for you to bring your computer into the shop!

Our remote support, or Remote Rapid Repair, is a method for securely connecting to your computer or network, with your permission, over the internet.  When you need laptop repair, you control the lock on the door, and we will only assist you remotely when you invite us in and are ready for a “remote visit.” During your laptop repair service, you will be on the phone with one of our technicians, who will ask to borrow your computer temporarily – as if he were sitting right next to you, borrowing your keyboard, mouse and monitor.

A small piece of software is briefly installed to help us complete your laptop repair, and it will automatically be removed when the session is completed, and you can choose to terminate the session at any time.  All you need for remote support during laptop repair is a high-speed connection using either a cable modem or DSL. Remote support is very secure, using industry-standard SSL and 256-bit encryption, which is found in the banking system and by branches of the military. You can see everything that happens as our technicians work on your laptop repair, and you’ll be able to get back to your normal routine as soon as we are through!

If your laptop is not working like it should or you have questions about PC repair in Mooresville, North Carolina, give us a call at today.

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