Azure Cloud Services, Mooresville, NC

Switch to Microsoft Azure Cloud services for increased scalability, reliability, and flexibility.

Storing data on the cloud is the way of the future, and if you have yet to switch to cloud computing, your organization could greatly benefit from doing so. Generally speaking, cloud computing lets you access networking, software, storage, and servers over the internet instead of storing data on a hard drive or server.

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Why Switch to the Cloud?

Unlike on-premise servers, cloud computing platforms, like Microsoft Azure Cloud services, offer the following benefits:

  • Less expensive
  • More secure
  • Increased reliability
  • Greater flexibility

You also do not have to worry about theft, damage, or maintenance that could disrupt or cause downtime for your operations in Mooresville, North Carolina. Additionally, with the right cloud computing platform, you can change your data storage needs as your business grows and expands and, in most cases, only pay for the services you use.

What are Microsoft Azure Cloud Services?

Microsoft Azure Cloud services are a set of cloud computing services designed to help your business meet its data storage and access challenges. Using your preferred tools and frameworks, you can easily manage, build, deploy, and organize applications on a large and ever-expanding global network. Here is a brief introduction into some of the key benefits of Microsoft Azure Cloud Services:

  • Trusted—Microsoft Azure has more certifications right now than any other cloud provider. You do not have to worry about security, privacy, or compliance, so you can easily migrate and build applications with peace of mind.
  • Intelligent—This cloud computing platform comes with an ever-developing set of artificial intelligence tools, services, and infrastructure. Run your AI workloads from anywhere!
  • Productive—You can easily turn your ideas into solutions with Microsoft Azure. This cloud computing software comes with over 100 services and exceptional end-to-end tools that can help you be successful.
  • Hybrid—Whether you are working from the cloud or on-premise, you always get a consistent experience with Microsoft Azure Cloud services. Compared with other platforms, Microsoft Azure comes with the broadest set of hybrid capabilities.

Our Role

At, we offer the skills and experience needed to make a successful switch to Microsoft Azure Cloud services. While the framework of this platform contains guidance designed to help customers with this process, our advice and guidance will prove invaluable as you make the switch to this cloud platform.

This process involves four key steps. First, we define your business’ strategy and go over your expected outcomes, defining how Microsoft Azure can help you meet your goals. Second, we put together an actionable plan for adopting this cloud platform that aligns with your business’ desired outcome. Third, we prepare the people in your organization for this change and ready your environment. Fourth, we implement the desired changes across your business processes for success.

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